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Theatre «Sje Shosu»

Theatre «Sje Shosu» is a street theatre group made in 2012 in St.Petersburg, Russia by young stiltwalkers. Our focus is dance with ballance in the air and making the feeling of weightless movement. So the idea is - walking in open air!


Have your you ever met stiltwalkers? We are big. Actors on stilts have to play with space, gravity and own weight all the time. The sence of waightless could be the first thing you remember of the evening! Bright and beautiful show will be presented.


Children love stiltwalkers. And beyound other they want to trie walk on stilts - themself. We can provide this oportunity: at firs we show some dancing and clowning, then make a workshop on stiltwalking. It’s very funny and joefull!


For shure, you haven’t seen it jet: dancing on stilts. It’s a spicy mixture of modern chareography, new circus and elegant clownery!

Sirtaki dance on stilts was filmed in october 2013.

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Театр «Съе Шосу»